For Executives Contemplating a Career Change

Maybe you’re just ready for a new mountain to climb.

Or maybe you’re not sure you’re ready at all – but seismic shifts are underfoot, forcing you to re-evaluate where you are, where you fit, and where you want to be for the next stage in your career.

Whatever your reasons, if the thrill is gone, talk to us.

An executive career change is a complex, consequential, personally disruptive and emotionally taxing process. It’s also a full time, high stakes sales and marketing campaign. When is the last time you ran a successful marketing campaign – when the brand you were promoting was you? At Hockenberg Search, that’s what we do for executives in transition, every day.

We help senior leaders discover their true calling, rediscover their greatest strengths, and uncover the right path to the ideal job for them.

And we would love to work with you. Starting with an executive assessment by an industrial psychologist, we help you sort through your career aspirations, personal priorities, strengths and optimal organizational fit. From there, we help you target the best employers for your needs, and develop the marketing strategy, social media plan and professional networking approach that connects you with the right decision makers. We partner with you, every step of the way, using a series of proven, hands-on skill building techniques that improve your ability to sell your brand and communicate your value.

Then, there’s our secret weapon: our legendary personal and professional network.

As a Hockenberg Search client, you gain instant access to influential business leaders and decision makers through strategic introductions and personal endorsements.

Your career transition is our urgent priority. All of our services are delivered within a highly structured, rigorous one-on-one coaching process that keeps you facing forward, highly focused, and on the fast track.


“After 13 years at the same company, I was looking for a CFO position. Recruiters were saying it could take 12 months so I interviewed 3 executive coaching firms. One firm made it clear that their database of large corporate employers was their priority. Another firm was smaller but seemed disorganized. Then I went to Hockenberg Search. I’d already heard about Marni Hockenberg’s vast network and experience as a former recruiter. I learned she also has an excellent strategic action plan to guide candidates through transition. The minute I hired her, I was on the fast track. Within 7 weeks, I landed an excellent CFO position.”

—Michael (Mike) Treece, Chief Financial Officer