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Hockenberg Search is known throughout the Midwest for its unique ability to identify and deliver the highest quality manufacturing talent available, while providing personalized service that surpasses your expectations.


Locate Executives and Managers Perfectly Suited to Your Needs

When searching for top quality talent tailored to your unique corporate culture and business goals, there's no substitute for experience, a deep knowledge of your industry, outstanding resources, and personalized service.  Hockenberg Search provides all the above, and more...

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Partnering With the Best Employers in the Manufacturing Industry

Hockenberg Search has forged valuable relationships with top quality employers across the state of Minnesota. Our extensive network allows us to match a candidate's skills with businesses that will appreciate and reward your unique abilities.  Are you an accomplished professional seeking new and interesting opportunities?

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Gears & Gadgets — Network and Learn with Manufacturing Industry Peers

Gears & Gadgets organizes quarterly get-togethers to facilitate in-person networking for Minnesota manufacturing professionals. Gears & Gadgets is 'by invitation only' and is exclusive to manufacturing business owners and executives.  Are you a Minnesota manufacturing professional?

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Hockenberg News

Hockenberg Search articles and interviews are regularly featured in popular media and trade publications.  Below is a selection of recent news items...


What We Do

Through our extensive network of employers and strategically developed talent resources, Hockenberg Search matches accomplished executives with top quality manufacturing companies across the state of Minnesota.



Expertise in the Manufacturing Sector

We have decades of experience serving the local business community.  No other Minnesota search firm comes close.


Deep Understanding of Your Business

We do the research and engage in comprehensive consultations to fully understand your corporate culture and business goals.


Executive Talent Pipeline

Our first class, highly targeted, and constantly replenished talent base is unrivaled among manufacturing-focused search firms.


Successful Conclusion of Your Search

Our combination of broad industry knowledge and a sincere dedication to helping you succeed produces superior search results.


Manufacturing News

  • Future Trends: Manufacturing

    Manufacturing has long ceased to be the loud, dirty, smelly process that gave us the Industrial Revolution. Today’s factories are quieter, cleaner and more efficient than Henry Ford ever dreamed. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for further innovation in manufacturing...

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  • Minnesota Business: Gears & Gadgets & Insights

    Four Minnesota Business magazine 2015 Manufacturing Awards winners got a second round of exposure on October 28 at Minnesota Manufacturing Executives’ 15th Gears & Gadgets gathering. Host Marni Hockenberg...

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  • 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Winners

    Each year Minnesota Business magazine honors the industry's best leaders and companies with a prestigious awards event and a much-read feature article spotlighting all the finalists...

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How Minnesota employers are trying to get more students interested in manufacturing

If you’re looking for a career in a growing industry that pays more and requires less time in school, then manufacturing might be a good fit. That’s the message of local leaders in the industry who are working to recruit young employees and students for careers in manufacturing, a field that provides employment to nearly half a million Minnesotans.  To read the whole article click here



Marni Hockenberg

President, Hockenberg Search

"Purple power"

Manufacturing could be a lonely field for a woman, but Marni doesn’t see it that way.

In 2012, she turned her energies to creating ‘Gears and Gadgets,’ a quarterly networking event that brings together a range of people in the Minnesota manufacturing industry to discuss trends and make peer-to-peer connections.  Read More

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