For Parents of College Graduates Seeking Job Search Coaching

You’ve invested so much time, money and energy into helping your child succeed in college—but now they’re struggling to land their first official post-graduation job. 

It could be that your recent grad is missing some key things that today’s employers are looking for. A few adjustments can net some BIG results— and a lucrative job offer!

Our one-on-one job coaching might be exactly what you and your child are looking for.

Our coaching programs help your new graduate overcome obstacles and personal challenges, learn how to become the best version of themselves, and get the job offer they (and you!) have been dreaming of.

Here’s where we come in. 

Your family’s personal job coach, Marni Hockenberg of Hockenberg Search will help your child land their perfect job. With more than 30 years’ experience as a corporate recruiter who has interviewed and coached thousands of professionals at all levels of experience, Marni can be your new graduate’s secret weapon to securing that first career step! As the mother of a young adult daughter, Marni is especially passionate about helping young people launch into the world with confidence, ready to make an impact.

Now, it’s your child’s time to shine and make you proud in the “real world.” And we’re here to help!

Give Your Student the Competitive Edge with One-on-One Job Coaching

  • Standard Coaching Program – 10 sessions
  • Interview “Boot Camp” – 6 sessions
  • Mini Program – 4 sessions, focused on one particular area of need (such as getting ready quickly for an interview or a quick “brush up”)

Let’s discuss your needs and design a coaching program just for your student. Contact us today and help your young adult get one step closer to the job of their dreams!