What people are saying about Hockenberg Search

“After 13 years at the same company, I was looking for a CFO position. Recruiters were saying it could take 12 months so I interviewed 3 executive coaching firms. One firm made it clear that their database of large corporate employers was their priority. Another firm was smaller but seemed disorganized. Then I went to Hockenberg Search. I’d already heard about Marni Hockenberg’s vast network and experience as a former recruiter. I learned she also has an excellent strategic action plan to guide candidates through transition. The minute I hired her, I was on the fast track. Within 7 weeks, I landed an excellent CFO position.”

—Michael (Mike) Treece, Chief Financial Officer

“Working with Hockenberg Search was a very different experience than working with a national outplacement agency. Marni Hockenberg’s personalized approach helped me land my job 50% faster than when I worked with the leading firm. Working with Hockenberg Search is like having a personal trainer at a top athletic club vs. going to a group workout at the community center.”

—Stephanie Swanson, Director of Business Development

“My employer gave me a choice of outplacement organizations. I interviewed other firms and all of them had a ‘big group’ mentality. Then I met with Marni Hockenberg. All of her focus was on my values, my plans, my resume, my search. No one at the other firms did that. Working with Marni, I refined my career goals, improved my resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing and networking skills. But the biggest difference was her personal introductions and endorsements that led me to my current job. Marni’s network is amazing. When I know someone looking for a senior position, I tell them they need to talk to Marni.”

—Jonathan Kingsbury, Director of Sales