March 3, 2018

It’s Never Too Late to Change Careers

“Is it too late for me to change careers? I’m 56 years old and am not feeling challenged or fulfilled in my profession anymore. I don’t know what else I can do, but I can’t go on pretending that I’m happy.”

I hear this often during meetings with my candidates and job-search coaching clients.

Dissatisfaction with one’s current career and the ensuing quest to do something different is now commonly referred to as an “encore career” — a term coined in 2009 by CEO and founder Marc Freedman. The Wikipedia definition of an encore career is “work in the second half of life that combines continued income, greater personal meaning and social impact. These jobs are paid positions often in public interest fields, such as education, the environment, health, the government sector, social services and other nonprofits.”    Read complete article