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Executive Career Transition, Job Search Coaching, Corporate Outplacement

It takes more than a solid resume to reach the right job. It takes insight on the roles you can fulfill – along with expertly guided self-assessment to help you discover the work you truly want to do. It takes an aggressive, strategic marketing plan, created and driven by proven marketing professionals that sells your brand, your value, and the results you can deliver. And it takes access to the right, influential decision makers, through strong professional and personal networks that have been cultivated over years, not just weeks or months.

It’s a tough climb.  And at your level, winging it can lead to missed opportunities and epic fails. It can take a long time.  Navigating a senior level job search within a limited network and without a marketing strategy can add months to a search campaign. That’s not only financially costly. It takes a significant mental and emotional toll on the individual, their family and personal support system.

But it doesn’t need to…

This is where your partnership with Hockenberg Search begins

At Hockenberg Search, we provide individualized, confidential career transition services to executives and deliver comprehensive outplacement services to organizations.

• We know the market.
• We know what works.
• And we know the people you need to know in order to connect with the right decision makers.

This is more than job transition.
This is career transformation.


Career Expertise

At Hockenberg Search, we know why one candidate is hired and why the others get turned down.  We have a keen eye for what hiring decision makers want, what winning candidates must consistently do, and which companies are truly great employers. Our industry knowledge and relentless focus on excellence have allowed us to successfully fulfill hundreds of executive level placements for more than thirty years, despite three recessions and other periods of industry uncertainty. We know what it takes to outmaneuver your competition and secure the best offer.



Powerful Networks

We have deep, broad relationships with the real power players in multiple disciplines and industries. And we leverage these connections for our clients, opening doors ordinarily closed to most job seekers. As a Hockenberg Search client, you’re not simply handed off with a brief introduction. You are ushered through the process by your own, personal career lobbyist. And we never stop lobbying for you. An endorsement from Hockenberg Search is your backstage pass to today’s most influential business leaders – while everyone else is trying to gain general admission.


Proven Process

Winning quarterbacks often make the best coaches. They have an insider’s understanding of how the game is played and a gift for teaching others. They know how to leverage strengths, compensate for weaknesses, and execute the right moves at the right time. The same is true for us. We are a team of highly successful, former Retained Executive Recruiters who now dedicating our skills, insights and industry connections to Executive Career Transition Coaching. At Hockenberg Search, we’ve created a playbook that takes candidates from job seeker to meaningfully employed. And we guide you through each step in that playbook, providing actionable feedback and meaningful, just-in-time support.


Hockenberg News

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What We Do

Through our extensive network of employers and strategically developed talent resources, Hockenberg Search matches accomplished executives with top quality companies across the state of Minnesota.



Expertise in Career Transition

We have decades of experience serving the local business community.  No other Minnesota search firm comes close.


Deep Understanding of Your Business

We do the research and engage in comprehensive consultations to fully understand your corporate culture and business goals.


Executive Talent Pipeline

Our first class, highly targeted, and constantly replenished talent base is unrivaled.


Successful Conclusion of Your Search

Our combination of broad industry knowledge and a sincere dedication to helping you succeed produces superior search results.