Career Transition & Job Search Coaching

Job search can be a lonely and daunting journey that can lead to taking the wrong job for the wrong reasons. Marni Hockenberg knows what works and what doesn’t in today’s competitive job market. She has years of experience in coaching job seekers on strategies that differentiate themselves from their competition in job search. Compared to other career coaches who are ringside observers, Marni is a veteran player on the field in the ‘hiring game’. She knows from daily first-hand experience exactly what hiring managers look for in candidates and why they make their hiring decisions. Named as one of the 2016 REAL POWER 50 WINNERS BY THE MINNESOTA BUSINESS MAGAZINE, Marni is extremely well networked and it’s likely that she actually knows the business owners and hiring managers of the companies where you are interviewing. Her golden introductions to the right people can catapult you to the top of their list!

Now you can leverage her ‘real life’ experience to YOUR advantage by engaging Marni as your partner in your job search! Her Career Transition and Job Search Coaching service will guide you every step of the way to help you land the RIGHT job, FASTER.

When you work with Marni, you will gain insight into your career goals and be provided with the tools and personal guidance to achieve them. This is a personal-one-on-one service, not a large ‘one-size fits all’ high volume outplacement company where you are just one of many. If you like/need personal undivided attention with customized coaching and unbiased advice, then this is the right service for you!

How many months can you afford to be unemployed or in a job where you are unhappy? What kind of personal toll is it taking on your personal life and self-esteem, your family, your health, your retirement savings and your future career? Engaging Marni as your personal career and job search coach is an investment that pays high dividends.

Marni’s Full-Service Package includes:

  • Intake process with career and personal assessment
  • Personal branding for effective messaging
  • Market research to provide a roadmap for focused company exploration
  • Marketing document to bring to networking meetings
  • Professionally written and branded resumes that get noticed and read
  • Professionally crafted and branded LinkedIn profile writing/updating to look good and get found
  • Networking coaching (with role play) and strategies that bring results
  • Personal introductions to key decision makers in Marni’s network to find the hidden job market
  • Interview coaching with videotaped mock interviews and tape recorded phone interviews. Honest feedback from a professionally trained Executive Recruiter for performance improvement
  • Periodic check-ins to stay motivated and focused
  • Job offer negotiation strategies and coaching which includes role play. Negotiate a higher salary to recoup your investment with Marni and increase your compensation for the present and future. $$$$
  • Onboarding coaching for success in your new job
  • Credit cards accepted, payment plans available

Contact us today and begin to breathe a sigh of relief. You’ll be in expert hands — Hockenberg Search knows job search! Call or email Marni Hockenberg, 952-500-9542 or


“I chose to enlist the Career Transition and Job Search Coaching at Hockenberg Search after evaluating my options and realizing that I needed an experienced third party to help focus my transition effectively.  The service has assisted me in defining and validating my strengths and areas of expertise as an executive and helping me search for organizations that are in alignment with my values and career goals.  Although at times necessarily difficult, the exercises that I have gone through in the process have provided a great deal of honest self-reflection that has energized my search and boosted my confidence in this transition period.  In addition, the networking support that Hockenberg Search provides with their deep experience has been enormously beneficial. Heather Stewart, Global Supply Chain Executive

It had been over 25 years since I had searched for a job and needed assistance in navigating the new job search methods. I selected Hockenberg Search because of their one-on-one customized coaching based on my specific needs. Prior to working with their company I had used a larger outplacement firm that was mostly geared to online webinar training and limited availability for personal coaching.  The ability to meet with Donna Spielmann on a weekly basis and review goals and activities was very helpful and motivating. I was very satisfied with the services provided. The main areas that helped me land my new job were networking, identifying and matching my values with job opportunities, creating a schedule and holding myself accountable. Conducting a job search requires specific skills and we owe it to ourselves to invest in learning those skills that Hockenberg Search teaches.” Tim Smalstig, Director of Manufacturing at Cell Culture Company